February 4, 2011

ATTN: DOC Opinions on Testing Test Strips

When Jaxson was first diagnosed we were instructed to test the first strip out of each new bottle of test strips. We currently do this, but I'm wondering how many PWD or CWD use this practice?

There have been a few times that we simply could not get a strip to test within range, however LifeScan did replace those bottles. Also, the shelf life of control solution is so short and I wasn't even sure where to purchase more.

I ask simply because it seems like such a waste.. an expensive waste. Currently all of our D-supplies are covered between our primary insurance and Medicaid, however come June we won't qualify for Medicaid any longer and I'm anticipating the expense of wasting strips. (I have a question about secondary insurance, but I'll save that for another post.)

So DOC... do you test test strips.. regularly or occasionally? Do you do back to back meter tests to check for accuracy? I would love to hear your opinions. :)

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