Meet Jaxson

This blog isn't just about me, but our entire family and I talk about myself entirely too much! But I'd like you to meet the inspiration for this blog.

My most favorite boy in the entire world, Jaxson. He is 5 years old and has a lot to say about pretty much everything. Jaxson is the youngest of our brood. His sisters are Andi (23), Shelby (18) and Payton (16). He also has a brother in-law, Dustin and is an uncle to Odran and Adalia. Some of his favorite things are sports, sharing his toys, trains, Christmastime, using his imagination, preschool, singing and dancing, reading books, snuggling, french toast sticks, dinosaurs and waffles.

Depending on who you ask,  Jaxson is either fortunate or unfortunate to have 3 older sisters who double as moms, but he'll always tell you that I am his best mom. Just before every finger poke or insulin injection he states emphatically, "Mom, you're the best!". He always knows how to make my heart smile. He has a huge heart and has the ability to brighten my day with his smile.

He leaves most of the worrying over his diabetes to me. I mean after all, he is a 5-year- old with way more important things to do! Occasionally he gets frustrated with having diabetes, but he doesn't let those feelings linger long.

You can read about how Jaxson came to be in our lives here.

Click the photo to see the story!
Jaxson, along with 3 other elementary students diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, is featured on the front page of our local paper. I am unfortunately fortunate (if that makes sense) to have a school nurse well-versed in type 1 (because her own son is diagnosed) personally looking after my boy during the school day. It gives me great peace of mind.

Jaxson likes to spend time on Sesame Street's website. When I entered the room tonight, I found him jammin' and singing along to this tune. It's with Elmo, Big Bird and a few others. If you haven't heard it, it's quite catchy. A pretty descent message to. I <3 my boy, and this is way better for him to listen to than "Take it off" by Ke$ha (the pitfalls of having 2 teenage sisters in the house.)


Road Trip: The First Leg

Troy and I had been married for 13 years when we learned I was pregnant with Jaxson. Without a doubt it was a shock and surprise. We currently had 3 daughters; 17, 12, and 10. In our mind we were done having children, but nature decided otherwise. It was so weird. I worried about what people would think. Here I was, 37 and pregnant. (how's that for a show MTV?) When we broke the news to friends and family, they were surprised as well, but supportive. We soon found out that our baby would be a boy. After 3 daughters, that was a pleasant surprise and the girls were excited to have a sibling of the male persuasion.

It was a rough pregnancy. I can't even remember all the tests, but one of them showed that our boy was at a high risk for having downs syndrome. They wanted me to do an amniocentesis but I opted out. If he were going to be born with downs we'd deal with it when the time came. No sense in risking having no baby at all. I was also placed on bed rest in the last trimester because of blood pressure issues, and I was given a steroid injection on 2 separate occasions to ensure his lungs would be developed in case of preterm labor.

We all survived the pregnancy and on September 3, 2005 Jaxson arrived. From the moment I laid eyes on him he had my heart. He just wasn't meant to be and now I couldn't imagine life without him. There he was. My son. Perfect. Healthy.

In just a few years our lives would take a turn and be changed forever.
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