February 4, 2011

ATTN: DOC Opinions on Testing Test Strips

When Jaxson was first diagnosed we were instructed to test the first strip out of each new bottle of test strips. We currently do this, but I'm wondering how many PWD or CWD use this practice?

There have been a few times that we simply could not get a strip to test within range, however LifeScan did replace those bottles. Also, the shelf life of control solution is so short and I wasn't even sure where to purchase more.

I ask simply because it seems like such a waste.. an expensive waste. Currently all of our D-supplies are covered between our primary insurance and Medicaid, however come June we won't qualify for Medicaid any longer and I'm anticipating the expense of wasting strips. (I have a question about secondary insurance, but I'll save that for another post.)

So DOC... do you test test strips.. regularly or occasionally? Do you do back to back meter tests to check for accuracy? I would love to hear your opinions. :)


  1. I think Lorraine from This Is Caleb has done some stuff on meter accuracy.

    On the solution for the quality assurance testing on the strips. I use it. When I had two vials of 25 strips each/box - I would only test the first strip for the entire 50. Now that 50 strips come in a vial I test each time we break into a new test strip vial. I have gone a couple of hundred or so, when running out of solution and it was fine.

    Sorry if this is no help.

    P.S. I have also used "expired" solution...probably a "no no"...but, a Mama Pancreas isn't perfect!

  2. Nope, don't check the strips. Not at all. I don't want to waste and what's the point? I just roll with what the meter says - if we get a reading over 250 then I double check with a 2nd reading. Likewise with a BGL under 50, I double check right then and there and then compare the two readings.

  3. Never, ever do we check the test strips. We do make sure they have the right code that matches what the meter has assigned, though. Shoot those darm things are too expensive and we haven't found wonky readings to warrent havin to test. Just my .02 cents!

    Oh . . . I am with Penny on the too high or too low readings. We just retest. 99% of the time the first reading was right on :(

  4. Just call me a slacker :( I don't check them, but I wasn't told to either.

  5. Thanks everyone. Your input has been helpful. I'm going to hop over to Lorraine's to see what she says about meter accuracy too. For now I'm going to cut back on testing test strips and double check with my meters.

  6. Never.


    With all the Error 5 Messages and garbage...no way. I can't waste all this stuff.

    Like Penny, I double check if it seems like something isn't right.

    As a RN, I recognize the "quality control issues" -- remember having to test the hospital meters at least every 24 hours (sometimes more, depending on the facility) for controls.

    Still don't do it.

  7. Hi Deanna! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I never test my strips. I was told to when we were in the hospital, but a year later we switched meters and I just fell out of the habit. I have had one batch of strips that when I inserted the first one the meter read "error". I called the company and they replaced the whole box.

    Hope this helps! I look forward to reading your blog!

  8. Hi I am Nicole and my daughter was diagnosed at the age of 4 1/2 on June 24, 2010...so very close to your son's diagnosis date. I only test occasionally when her #'s seem really off, and it has always tested in the correct range. I double check with another test as well if either too high or low. My blog is www.vabeachduckfamily.blogspot.com. I look forward to reading your blog!

  9. I used to do a control test when I was first diagnosed, but I never check them anymore. If I feel like something is off with my reading, I will double check with another blood sugar test. I did end up replacing my meter because about a year ago it was giving me two very different readings within a short time. If the point difference is big enough, you can have the company replace it (in my case I use the one touch ultra to link to my pump). I'd rather save my test strips for a blood sugar check!

  10. We don't test either! Well..we do once in a great while if something seems really off but mostly no! I don't want to waste strips!!


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