April 26, 2012

A Tough Life

Does Diabetes equal a tough life?  The following is a conversation with Jaxson on the way to school this morning:

Jaxson: Mom, my teacher read my Rufus book to my class today.
Me: That's so cool Jax! Did your friends have lots of questions about diabetes and your Rufus bear?
Jaxson: Yes. Ms. W said I have a tough life.
Me: (after a moment of contemplation) Do you think you have a tough life??
Jaxson: My pancreas doesn't work. I just want it to start working again and I'm tired of checking my blood sugar all the time. Will there be a cure soon, Mom?
Me: It's getting closer and closer every day. 

It would have been so nice to have been present for this moment in Jaxson's classroom. I'd make sure they knew that while controlling diabetes is a lot of hard work, it certainly does not equal a "tough life". The last thing I want is for his classmates and teachers feeling sorry for him. He wants so much to be treated like a normal boy, and I work hard making sure he knows that he is! 

If there's anything tough about Jaxson's life with T1D, it would be the part where we try to correct the misinformation and misconceptions that people have about those living with T1D. 


  1. His life isn't tough, just he is! :-) These kiddos are the strongest toughest kids around!

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