June 15, 2011

Mile Marker - 1 Year

Amidst the impending Missouri River flooding, relocating, and draining our bank account we have not forgotten where we were 1 year ago today. It's hard to gather my thoughts about this milestone with all the chaos that we are surrounded with. I'm at a real loss as to how one should celebrate a diaversary and not sure how to mark the occasion. 

We could mark it with our house waiting to be devoured by flood waters.

We could mark it by having the Animas Ping sitting here on my desk waiting for a quieter time to start our 5 day training so Jaxson can start pumping.

We could mark it by having moved to a place that is so opposite of what we are accustomed to.

But I think I will reflect and be thankful for finding the DOC all the good that has come from his diagnosis.


  1. I'm with you. Focus on the positive, and the DOC is definitely a positive!

    Good luck with all that you have going on right now!

    Best wishes for many more years of good health and good numbers for Jaxson!

  2. Love that you are able to stay positive in pretty rough circumstances Deanna. Hang in there and know we are all thankful for you as well. xo


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