November 16, 2010

Thank you D Mamas

I am truly moved by the generous outpouring of support shown to me by the D Mamas in the Diabetes Online Community. In reading all the comments left on my previous post, I was able to see new hope. I am encouraged, refreshed, and ready to face a new day. In the words Wendy left me on my Facebook, "you've stumbled into a fantastic group of women who genuinely care about supporting and encouraging other D Mamas in their journey". I couldn't agree more!!

I am looking forward to making my way around the DOC and getting to know each of you. Thank you for extending your friendship.


  1. The friendships I've made here are what has kept me sane- kept me from falling apart- kept me believing that I can do this! And I've never met most of these friends! Crazy! And wonderful! Welcome- I think you'll be happy to call this place home!

  2. So happy to hear your spirits have been lifted! We D mamas welcome you with open arms! You won't find a better group! :)

  3. Love you, new friend....simply because our hearts are connected. We are all weary on this journey...and we'll get through it one day at a time -- together.

  4. Wendy always has wise words :)
    Welcome new friend :)

  5. Yeah...what Lora said. I always feel like a schmuck when following Wendy's comments. She is GOOD. LOL.

    We are lucky to have you. This is a wonderful group of D Mamas. They seem to always be there for a D Mama in need and for the laughs and good times too. Love me my D-OC! WOOT.

  6. I too count my blessings! This group is what keeps me sane :) So glad that we all can be here for you, as they all have been for me.


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