January 30, 2011

Bedtime Conversation

Bedtime is one of my favorite times I get to spend with Jaxson. We have some interesting conversations. Some make me laugh, and some make me weep. Tonight, he did both.

Jaxson: Is all my blood going to go away?

Me: Jax, you have plenty of blood. We only need a drop whenever we check it.

Jaxson: I don't want my blood checked any more. (crying now) I don't want to have diabetes any more mom, and nobody is doing anything to make it go away!

Me: Jaxson, a lot of people are working very hard to make it go away.

Jaxson: Like who?

Me: Scientist...

Jaxson: With what? Medicine?

Me: Yes, or a transplant.


Jaxson: My tummy hurts (trying for the 4th time to convince me he needs another snack).

Me: Say that without smiling...

Jaxson giggling now: My tummy hurts?

Good night buddy. <3


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