January 25, 2011

Best Day Ever

It's been a busy day here at my house. My oldest daughter Andi and the grandbabies came to spend the day. I had decided to let Jaxson stay home from school since we rarely get to hang out with them, plus he and little "O" (my grandson) play pretty well together.

Doll (my granddaughter), little "O" and Jaxson played while Andi and I visited, taking the periodic break to potty train O and check Jaxson's bg. (Jaxson had great numbers yesterday and I was really hoping for more of the same today). O (who is 2) showed quite the curiosity over Jaxson's finger pokes and insulin injections today. Every time Jaxson came to me with his finger extended, O would follow suit. It's moments like that when I can't decide if that was cute or sad. He really looks up to his uncle Jax and wants to be doing everything he is doing, but I assured him he did not want his finger poked.

Jaxson's numbers were less than desirable today... the closest to in-range we got was 190. Bedtime.. 389/negative ketones. I gave a correction and got him ready for bed. He sobbed the entire time. My heart was breaking becasue once again, there's nothing I can do to take away his pain.

Soon he started to settle down, and just before drifting off to sleep he said, "Mom, today was the BEST day ever!" I leaned down to kiss his forehead and as the tears crept forward I realized just how amazing my boy is that through all of his pain, anger and frustration with D, he can look beyond that and see the bigger picture. I have a feeling I'm going to learn a lot from my sweet boy.

...and a child shall lead them.


  1. I agree. They teach us so much Deanna. So glad you had a great day with your family the day before and that "d" behaved well. Bummer on the highs yesterday, I hope that they corrected and you are onto some smoother sailing today.

  2. Ahhhhhhh . . . . and a child shall lead them. Thanks for making me cry all over my keyboard, Iowa sister! ;)

  3. My little guy also, utters those words often. "Today was the best day ever." No sweeter words have I ever heard!

    Horray for good days! They are a blessing for sure!


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