January 7, 2011

Preparing for Battle

Oh my! There is so much I want to write about, but since the Ricki Lake and GMA drama from yesterday, I can't really think of much else. I was left feeling inspired and empowered by the DOC with our collective cry to be heard.

I have only been a D Mama since June 2010, but it hasn't taken long to tire from the ignorant comments about my sons DX and care. Amazing how living with type 1 for such a short time can make you so aware of all the misconception around you. I'm ashamed to admit that prior to Jaxson's dx I was one of the misinformed.

Something is happening though.

Something big.

Something wonderful. 

There is a movement beginning... to bring awareness to Type 1 Diabetes... more than ever, and  I want to be a part of it.

Houston We Have a Problem wrote a wonderfully motivating post pointing out the attention diseases like Breast Cancer, Aids, Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and Autism get. I thought, "how true", and then it hit me: All of those diseases have had HUGE campaigns. I mean, Type 1 has walks and such to raise funds toward finding a cure, which is awesome, but has there ever been a campaign? One that stands out and emblazons itself into minds of the public?

A giant wave of momentum hit the DOC yesterday and I say we ride it all the way through.

We all have our own personal stories to tell. Stories of life altering proportions. Stories of courage and determination. Stories of little hero's growing up too fast. Stories of heart break and agony. They heard us yesterday. Let's continue to make them listen.


  1. Love your motivation...we'll take on this world, one misconception at a time. We'll bask in the glory when we overcome another hurdle.

    And we'll do it together...cuz we're family.

  2. Amen Deanna. I am so inspired by all of you. Together we are, we can, and we will continue to make a difference. Love your attitude girl.

  3. So true! The D community is standing up to be heard! We are here! We are here!

  4. Hi Deanna! I love the wave analogy. It started with a ripple (the mis-informed comment by Ricki) and gathered strength as each PWD and POD was picked up and gathered with the momentum.

    Beautiful post, lady. Thank you.

  5. Thank you ladies! You all inspire me. I am going to make a list and start writing letters until someone wants to listen. :)

  6. Thank you for the shout out.
    I'm so ready to change things! 2011 - the year of change! DOC - let's rock this!


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